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Criterion 1.1 Mission, Vision and Values  
Criterion 1.2 Governance Structure, Systems and Roles  
Criterion 1.3 Management Structure, Systems and Roles  
Criterion 1.4 Institutional Affiliations for Programs and Quality Assurance  
Criterion 1.5 Strategic Planning  
Criterion 1.6 Operational Planning  
Criterion 1.7 Financial Management  
Criterion 1.8 Risk Management  
Criterion 1.9 Policy Management  
Criterion 1.10 Entity and Activity Review  
Criterion 1.11 Student Grievance Procedures  
Criterion 1.12 Health and Safety  
Criterion 1.13 Oversight of Associated Entities  
Criterion 2.1 Graduate Attributes and Student Learning Outcomes  
Criterion 2.2 Curriculum  
Criterion 2.3 Student Entry Standards  
Criterion 2.4 Teaching Quality  
Criterion 2.5 Research Components of Coursework Programs  
Criterion 2.6 Academic Integrity  
Criterion 2.7 Student Placements  
Criterion 2.8 Assessment Methods, Moderation and Standards  
Criterion 2.9 Academic Security and Invigilation  
Criterion 2.10 Student Retention and Progression  
Criterion 2.11 Graduate Destinations and Employability  
Criterion 3.1 Research Program Design  
Criterion 3.2 Research Student Entry Standards  
Criterion 3.3 Supervisors  
Criterion 3.4 Student Research Supervision  
Criterion 3.5 Student Research Support  
Criterion 3.6 Student Research Assessment  
Criterion 3.7 Coursework Components of Research Programs  
Criterion 3.8 Academic Integrity, Ethics and Biosafety  
Criterion 3.9 Retention, Graduate Destinations and Employability  
Criterion 4.1 Research Planning and Management  
Criterion 4.2 Research Performance  
Criterion 4.3 Research Funding Schemes  
Criterion 4.4 Consultancy Activities  
Criterion 4.5 Ethics and Biosafety  
Criterion 4.6 Intellectual Property  
Criterion 4.7 Professional Development for Research  
Criterion 4.8 Research Commercialisation  
Criterion 4.9 Research - Teaching Nexus  
Criterion 5.1 Industry and Community Engagement Planning and Management  
Criterion 5.2 Relationships with Industry and Employers  
Criterion 5.3 Relationships with Professions  
Criterion 5.4 Relationships with Other Education Providers  
Criterion 5.5 Relationships with Alumni  
Criterion 5.6 Relationships with the Community at Large  
Criterion 6.1 Academic Support Services Planning and Management  
Criterion 6.2 Registry (Enrolment and Student Records)  
Criterion 6.3 Library  
Criterion 6.4 Information and Learning Technology Services  
Criterion 6.5 Academic Advising  
Criterion 6.6 Student Learning Support  
Criterion 6.7 Teaching and Learning Resources  
Criterion 7.1 Students and Student Support Services Planning and Management  
Criterion 7.2 Student Profile  
Criterion 7.3 Student Satisfaction and Climate  
Criterion 7.4 Student Behaviour  
Criterion 7.5 Career and Employment Services  
Criterion 7.6 Student Finances  
Criterion 7.7 Accommodation, Catering and Transportation  
Criterion 7.8 Medical and Counselling Facilities  
Criterion 7.9 International Student Services  
Criterion 7.10 Social and Recreational Services and Facilities  
Criterion 8.1 Human Resources Planning and Management  
Criterion 8.2 Staff Profile  
Criterion 8.3 Recruitment and Selection  
Criterion 8.4 Staff Induction  
Criterion 8.5 Professional Development  
Criterion 8.6 Performance Planning and Review  
Criterion 8.7 Promotion and Other Incentives  
Criterion 8.8 Severance  
Criterion 8.9 Staff Organisational Climate and Retention  
Criterion 8.10 Omanisation  
Criterion 9.1 General Support Services and Facilities Planning and Management  
Criterion 9.2 Public Relations and Marketing  
Criterion 9.3 Communication Services  
Criterion 9.4 Facilities Management  
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