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Welcome to the website of the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). The OAAA is charged, based on Royal Decree No. (54/2010), with regulating the quality of higher education in Oman to ensure the maintenance of a level that meets international standards, and to encourage higher education institutions to improve their internal quality. The main responsibilities of the OAAA include institutional and program accreditation, in addition to the development and maintenance of the national qualifications framework. For more information on the OAAA and its mandate, please click here

1. OAAA Issues the ISA Outcomes for Arab Open University Oman Branch (update posted on 23/1/2020)
2. BC GFPQA Panel is announced (update posted on 22/1/2020)
3. OAAA Issues GFPQA Report of University of Nizwa (update posted on 19/1/2020)
4. Announcement of MEC GFPQA Panel (update posted on 9/1/2020)
5. OAAA Issues GFPQA Report of Majan University College (update posted on 6/1/2020)
6. Sixth OAAA Board Meeting for 2019 (update posted on 31/12/2019)
7. OAAA Issues GFPQA Report of Sultan Qaboos University (update posted on 25/12/2019)
8. OAAA Issues GFPQA Report of College of Banking and Financial Studies (update posted on 11/12/2019)
9. ZCW ISR Panel is Announced (update posted on 26/11/2019)
10. The Oman Qualifications Framework department contracting with Al Burkan Company to develop the National register of Qualifications (update posted on 24/11/2019)
11. Colleges of Technology as Network GFPQA Panel in Announced (update posted on 19/11/2019)
12. OAAA Celebrates 49th National Day (update posted on 18/11/2019)
13. GFPQA SU Visit (update posted on 14/11/2019)
14. ODC ISA Visit (update posted on 7/11/2019)
15. The Oman Qualifications Framework (OQF) Department held a briefing session on the OQF Project for the Educational and Training Institutions in Al Batinah and Al Buraymi Governorates (update posted on 7/11/2019)
16. Fifth OAAA Board Meeting for 2019 (update posted on 31/10/2019)
17. Oman Qualification Framework Department Supports Institutions Participating in the OQF Pilot Listing (update posted on 10/4/2019)
18. The OQF Department held an information session (update posted on 25/2/2018)
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