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OAAA Activities
The Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) was initially established as the Oman Accreditation Council (OAC) by Royal Decree in 2001 to develop and implement institutional and programme accreditation systems.  In 2010, the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) was established by Royal Decree No. 54/2010 to replace the Oman Accreditation Council.  

The OAAA is a governmental independent entity which reports to the Education Council. It was established to provide confidence to the public that the quality of higher education in Oman meets international standards, and to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of higher education.  The OAAA is led by an Omani 9 member Board, currently chaired by Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Sarmi. 

OAAA activities include:

•    Institutional Accreditation (including Quality Audits and Standards Assessment)
•    Programme Accreditation and Foundation Programs Audit
•    Quality Enhancement
•    Maintaining Oman’s Education Framework

The first iteration of standards and accreditation process was the Requirements for Oman’s System of Quality Assurance (ROSQA) which was introduced in 2004.  In 2006, a draft Quality Plan was developed, following an extensive national consultation exercise, which proposes a comprehensive review of ROSQA, setting out a comprehensive system to align Oman’s higher education sector with international best practice.  The Quality Plan places equal emphasis on quality assurance and quality enhancement.

The OAAA is a member of the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (http://www.inqaahe.org/) and the Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (http://www.anqahe.org/).

For more information about OAAA activities please contact enquiries@oaaa.gov.om
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